Yorkshire bycycle show

Yorkshire is a rich tapestry of cycling success. Its sleepy vales provide a haven for Sunday club runs, tea-stops and cake; its hills have trained the legs of Olympic medallists and its local industries are forged from frame-builders and renowned retailers. On 20-22 September, The Yorkshire Bicycle Show will celebrate this heritage and all of you, bicycle lovers, cyclists, new converts and hardened veterans, are invited.

These are exciting times for cycling. The word is spreading and new companies and innovations are constantly being developed, produced and refined, such as https://www.mobilecasinomaster.co.uk. The Yorkshire Bicycle Show will give the region’s cyclists the opportunity to see these innovations first hand, from never-before-seen hand-built frames, to accessories, clothing and bags. As well as familiar brands, the Show will also give smaller, independent companies the chance to flaunt their wares, giving visitors a real range of cutting-edge cycling products and designs.

The Show will be the first of its kind in Leeds and will take place within the grand walls of Leeds Town Hall, already the focus of so many cyclists’ eyes as it prepares to play host to Le Grand Depart next year. An independent project, the Show is organised by Yorkshire cyclists in collaboration with local businesses to bring visitors the best that UK cycling has to offer.